San Francisco construction accident lawyer - Mary Alexander discusses perilous, but preventable workplace accidents

October 17, 2009 ( - Press Release)

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San Francisco, California ( — A construction site often indicates growth, prosperity and change. However, a construction site is also an extremely dangerous and perilous workplace where accidents often occur.

Although preventable, construction accidents change the lives of the injured and their families. San Francisco construction accident lawyers at Mary Alexander & Associates have a leading edge on most personal injury firms in that they possess both legal and technical experience in handling complex construction accident cases.

According to the Firm’s website, “We’re known throughout California as a go-to firm for this often difficult work. Indeed, our founding partner, Mary Alexander, was interviewed by San Francisco’s KTVU Channel 2 News regarding the fatal crane collapse in Manhattan in March 2008. Making the news is something we take pride in, but making a difference has always been our proudest accomplishment.”

In researching the facts of a construction case, the work sites and circumstances must be investigated by legal who understand the technical aspects of construction as well as the law. Liability must also be established including those of the contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, architects, engineers, developers, and city agencies.

With so many small details and red tape to handle, research and carry out, a construction accident victim needs the help of a lawyer who is experienced in the investigating of the accident site, in determining accountability, and who has the know-how to develop the most effective legal strategies.

If you have been injured in a California construction accident, contact the San Francisco construction accident lawyers at Mary Alexander & Associates online at or call 1-866-802-9497.

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