Dallas injury lawyer-S. Greco-questions West Dallas vicious attack dog owners responsible?

March 2, 2009 (AmericanInjuryNews.com - Dallas, Personal Injury)

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Dallas injury attorney-Shelly Greco-alerts Pitbull dog attacks

Dallas injury attorney Greco says vicious dog attacks causing serious injuries need to hold dog owner responsible.

Dallas, TX (JusticeNewsFlash.com)–The Dallas Morning News reported on Monday, the recent incidents resulting from several different vicious dog attacks in the Dallas-Fort Worth area leave innocent Texans seriously injured. Clarence Webber, a 59 year-old West Dallas man, is slowly recovering, at Parkland Memorial Hospital, after being viciously attacked by two Pit Bulls. The unprovoked dog attack occured at the Jerry’s Market, on Saturday, located at Bernal Drive and North Westmoreland Road.

According to an interview of Webber by the Dallas Morning News, he was suddenly attacked by two roaming dogs when he got out of his car in the grocery store parking lot. He was mauled and bitten by the dogs leaving his face, jaw, left hand, and left thigh seriously injured. His left eye lid was practically torn off of his face, and doctors and nurses, at the hospital, are unsure if he will maintain vision in his eye. Helen Fuller, a 50 year old woman, was also attacked by the dogs, leaving her hospitalized at Parkland with painful dog bite injuries to her head and arms. Sixty-nine year old Henry Jackson and the store’s owner gave aid to the two elderly victims and chased the dogs away with by grabbing and kicking the vicious canines and striking them with a pistol and umbrella.

The dogs are known, repeat offenders in the community. The two Pit Bulls, responsible for the vicious, unprovoked attack in the parking lot, were later found by Dallas County animal control barricaded in their yards. The dogs have been confiscated and quarantined for 10 days by Dallas Animal Services. The owners were not home when the dogs were confiscated and under Texas law authorities can charge and prosecute dog owners in court when their pets seriously injure someone.

On the same day, a 12 year old boy in a Pleasant Grove neighborhood was attacked by a pit bull mix when he attempted to retrieve a ball out of yard. In January, the wife of an off duty Dallas police officer was terrorized by a pit bull in their McKinney neighborhood leaving the officer no choice but to shoot the dog. Duncanville, Frisco, Cedar Hill and Mesquite leaders have requested specific powers by the Texas legislature to regulate and possibly ban known violent breeds. Dog owners have a responsibility to control their pets. Leaving dogs unattended, unleashed, undisciplined and untrained is no fault of the dog but the blatant irresponsibility of the owner who chose to buy and own the dog. Innocent victims, suffering serious injuries and sometimes even death from violent dogs and pets, have a right to compensation for their damages.

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