Airborne cold remedy to pay $7 million settlement to 32 states

December 29, 2008 ( - Dallas, Product Liability)

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Airborne over the counter immune supplement lawsuit settlement

Airborne to pay states and District of Columbia attorney generals $7 million. The cold remedy company settles false marketing and labeling lawsuit

December 23, 2008, Dallas, TX(–Enews lawsuit settlement and jury verdict correspondents with (AIN), report of large national settlement involving Airborne Health, Inc. Attorney generals for 32 states and the federal government sued Airborne Health, Inc. The privately held company makes popular dietary supplements with vitamins, minerals and herbs. Airborne claims their supplement “Airborne” helps support the immune system. The immune system boosting product has taken American consumers by storm every cold and flu season.

AIN food and drug safety reporters along with Dallas drug injury attorneys discovered Airborne has not admitted any wrong doing in the settlement agreement. State and federal lawyers for offices of the attorney general say Airborne made unsubstantiated claims over the benefits of its product. The supplement company used these claims in their marketing strategy and retailer product placement. The over the counter supplement manufacturer has previously settled two other lawsuits with similar claims involving the Federal Trade Commission for $6.5 million and a class action settlement of $23.5 million.

Dallas, Texas AIN drug injury reporters and Dallas County drug injury lawyers assert thousands of innocent U.S. Consumers are injured every year by taking medications and over the counter supplements because of false benefit claims by drug companies. A Dallas drug injury attorney may help Texans who have been injured by false marketing, claims, and advertising.

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