$10 million dollar settlement in Charter bus crash death lawsuit in Texas

December 18, 2008 (AmericanInjuryNews.com - Auto Accidents, Dallas)

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Texas wrongful death charter bus crash injury lawsuit settlement

One Houston man dead/44 injured in January 2008 Texas bus crash. Companies found at fault for failure to properly screen bus driver.

December 18, 2008, Dallas, TX (AmericanInjuryNews.com)–Enews motor vehicle collision settlement and verdict news reporters and Dallas bus crash injury lawyers report settlement filed in bus crash death case and 44 passenger injury claims. The settlement was filed in the 165th Judicial District Court. Houston-based Capricorn Bus Lines, International Charter Services, and Transportes Chavez are charged, in part, with failing to properly screen, test and qualify drivers. They are also accused of allowing drivers to operate a bus while fatigued.

Enews Texas bus accident reporters and Dallas County bus crash injury attorneys learned the driver fell asleep and was operating the bus with the wrong commercial license. Police authorities also discovered the delinquent driver, Roberto Garcia Cruz had multiple driving while intoxicated convictions. Fortunately the investigation revealed Cruz was not drunk the night of the bus crash. Texas law requires commercial bus drivers carry specific types of licenses and follow certain driving time guidelines.

American Injury News reporters and Dallas County bus crash injury attorneys say when a bus crashes passengers may suffer serious injuries including death. Texas bus passengers should be confident the driver of commercial vehicles are properly trained, licensed and follow the national and state driving guidelines. If you have been in a bus crash you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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