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One person killed in collapse of bridge in Texas

Kelly Ripa no longer in touch with Regis Philbin?

Amanda Knox conviction overturned by Italian court

Woman won’t face murder charges after cutting fetus from womb

“Spouse” to Include Same-Sex Spouse Under FMLA

Division of Workers’ Compensation, Explained by Dallas Employment Lawyer

Texas Supreme Court Rules in Workers’ Compensation Matter

Lara Logan again hospitalized for complications from 2011 attack

Mariel Hemingway forced to fight off famed director’s advances in her teens

Chelsea Handler discusses past uncomfortable experience with with Bill Cosby

Burglary suspects gives secret hiding place away on Snapchat

Government contractor, daughter among American victims in French Alps crash

Supreme Court rules pregnancy discrimination case can proceed

Driver was recording video prior to crash that injured three teens

150 people killed in plane crash in French Alps

Starbucks developing new media company with ‘social impact content’ focus

Google names Ruth Porat new CFO

Angelina Jolie undergoes more preventative surgery after double mastectomy

Bethenny Frankel ex “exploring legal options” after interview

David Crosby involved in pedestrian car crash in California

Lawsuit filed against Twitter alleging gender discrimination

‘One Direction’ member quits tour amid scandal

Monica Lewinsky takes stand against Cyberbullying

Woman arrested after link to murder suspect found on Facebook

Uproar over Kat Von D makeup line lipstick color name

Mesa shooting victim takes selfie at the scene

Bus accident in Egypt leaves 35 dead

Ashley Judd to take legal action over Twitter attacks

Internet Explorer officially phasing out?

Uber says goodbye to current CFO