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Dawn Nguyen sentenced to jail time over fatal shooting spree

Woman commits suicide by throwing self into crocodile pond

Lolo Jones first to be eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars” current season

Permit required for self-driving cars in California

Nevada trucking company may be liable for millions in crash

Idaho crash triggered after driver’s armpit hair burned

Ferguson protestors seek removal of prosecutor investigating shooting

New debate over history books in Texas classrooms

Singer’s bodyguard accused of beating up cadet

Tony Stewart case to be referred to grand jury

Inflation Rate Slows Down in Second Quarter to 0.7%

Microsoft announces Mojang acquisition plans

Louisiana Senator says “sloppy bookkeeping” caused travel expense mistakes

New rules issued for reporting workplace deaths

Business group not in favor of punitive damages ruling

Sarah Palin places blame for rise of ISIS in Iraq on Obama policy

Preorders for iPhone6 record setting

Former wrestler dies in apparent suicide reports say

Lawsuit Accuses Jimmy John’s of Requiring Employees To Work Off The Clock

Dismissal of Florida smoker lawsuits against tobacco companies upheld by court

Wyoming workplace deaths decline, study shows

Kris Jenner increases security after receiving death threats?

Google announces acquisition of Lift Labs

Jury award reduced by half in police car crash case

Man arrested after allegedly stalking Bristol Palin

Trump Taj Mahal could close amid bankruptcy filing

Actress dies after being struck by tree

Royal couple expecting second child

Sea search for private plane suspended by Coast Guard

Spinach extract aides in weight loss, study shows