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Complaints over Michelle Obama graduation speech

Woman sues over being denied ‘8THEIST’ license plate

AMR effort to terminate retiree benefits blocked

Crying child suffocated over video game

Massachusetts teacher not punished for thrown chair

Wyoming student jumps to death after eating marijuana cookie

Inmate released from jail days before scheduled life saving cancer surgery

Gigantic Jesus portrait drawn with chalk on church lot

Mayor arrested on drug cartel extortion charges

Former priest convicted in sex abuse case

White supremacist charged in shooting deaths at Jewish community sites

North Dakota abortion law overturned by federal judge

US Airways investigates pornographic tweet sent after customer complaint

Woman arrested after police attempt to return $50

Mystery of 1971 disappearance of teens solved

Phoenix woman ordered jailed over Clinton shoe throwing incident

Veteran teacher fired after ordering ‘hit’ on student

Woman accused of killing her newborns appears in court

IRS audit odds lowest since 1980s

Man attempts to open door during flight, plane rerouted

Ron Bell Wants You to Know About Diabetes Risk and Lipitor

Ex-wife of congressman accuses him of violating divorce terms

Family of ‘affluenza’ teen won’t pay full cost of court-ordered treatment

Target in Pennsylvania school stabbing rampage unknown

Ethics complaint filed by outdoors enthusiasts over bill changes

Opinion: Granting Lawsuit Immunity Erodes Fundamental Rights

Families sue Disney over access ride policy for disabled

Reward offered by PG&E in Silicon Valley power grid attack

Lance Armstrong names names in written testimony

Flashing headlights ruled free speech