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Witness testifies debt may force Sterling to sell team

Missile that brought down Malaysia Airlines flight detected by U.S.

Hospital agrees to $190 million settlement in secret patient recording case

Boston Marathon suspect’s friend convicted on obstruction charges

Iraqi Christians ordered by Islamic State to convert

Missing Marine wife may have been shot, warrant suggests

Rain halts exhumation of bodies of teenage girls allegedly raped

Attorneys for restaurant say former mayor should disclose medical details

Many express confusion over Indiana bicycle laws

Child migrant surge changes tone of immigration debate

Casey Kasem’s daughter seeks autopsy in father’s death

Gay marriage ban void upheld by federal court

Yellowstone sites closed after hot spot melts road

Judge allows tenant additional time at ‘Real Housewives’ couples’ home

Gay marriage approved by judge in Florida Keys

Meningitis victims questioned in FBI probe

Approval given to hire 100 workers for Georgia child safety case investigations

KKK uses candy filled goodie bags to recruit new members

Fifth Circuit Rules on FLSA Matter

Five men indicted in Pakistan ‘honor killing’

Pilot program developed for student led schools

High Profile 18 Wheeler Collision Results in Lawsuit

US court upholds University of Texas affirmative action plan

Reporter suspended over on air racial comment

1800 CAR WRECK Dallas Attorney Shares Surprising Link to Local High School

FBI agent to testify against friend of accused bomber

Former boyfriend of missing pregnant woman indicted

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