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Bill Cosby rape accuser questions why no one listened before

Texas woman pleads guilty after murder and kidnapping

Former OPD chief testifies in gender-discrimination lawsuit

Mariska Hartigay praises funding for rape kit testing

Lyft allows employers to pick up tab for employee rides

Agreement reached between Amazon and Hachette

Woman claims singer’s voice gives her seizures

Window washers saved after dangling from One World Trade Center

Age of mother affects child’s performance at school

Pilot error linked to fatal East Haven crash

Lewy body dementia reportedly contributed to Robin Williams’ suicide

Eminem makes threats to singer in new rap

Yahoo to purchase BrightRoll for $640 million

Ravens cheerleader released from hospital after fall

Research on weight loss counseling too limited study suggests

Brooke Shields discusses troubled marriage in memoir

Toys ‘R’ Us set to open on Thanksgiving

Jerry Seinfeld discusses belief that he’s on the autism ‘spectrum’

Small plane crash claims lives of evangelical pastor, others

Murder-for-hire charge against Phil Rudd dropped

Valerie Bertinelli discusses Christina Aguilera ‘feud’

Adrian Peterson loses Nike endorsement deal

Heidi Montag offers troubled actress place to stay

London attractive to many divorce seekers

Angelina Jolie says she’s “open” to career in politics

Kris Jenner, daughter named in crash lawsuit

Public urged to complete MWAC surveys reports Cayman Island ESO

Judge sets trial date in Hope Solo domestic violence case

Wayne Brady opens up about battle with depression

Former hacker offers Paris Hilton apology